Immigration to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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by Erkan T. Ickam

The layout of the city is wide spread and there is no subway, metro or underground. The C-Train is not well developed. The city is heavily investing on new routes and stops. If you don't have a car, I strongly suggest you check whether the place you plan to stay is close to public transportation:

  1. Bus
    • Plan your trips, check schedules, search for stops, and learn when the busses stop running
    • You can learn time of the next available bus by telephone. You need number of the bus you are waiting for and number of bus stop you will get on the bus. These numbers are displayed on bus stop signs. Simply call 974 - 4000 and enter bus stop number & then bus number.
  2. LRT / C-Train
  3. Passes & Tickets
  4. System map
  5. Taxi
  6. Airport – downtown transportation alternatives

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