Immigration to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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by Erkan T. Ickam
Favorite Links
  1. Information about citizenship & immigration

  2. A Newcomer’s Introduction to Canada
  3. Welcome to Canada
  4. For further information on government services and benefits
  5. Information about Alberta Health & Wellness Services
  6. Immigrant Services Calgary: a comprehensive settlement agency that supports the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in the Calgary community 
  7. Information about career, learning, living, employment, education, health, etc. in Alberta
  8. Alberta government website
  9. Calgary community profile
  10. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  11. Information on Calgary, key industries in Calgary, quarterly economic reports, economic development research reports, sector profiles
  12. Diplomatic, Consular and Other Representatives in Canada
  13. Find out how safe the community is that you plan to move in. Check out Calgary Police Service`s Crime Map that allows you to search crime types and timeframes in Calgary and display the results in an interactive map

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