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by Erkan T. Ickam

The economy in Calgary is based on oil. You will have more opportunities to find a job if the average brent crude oil price is over $50. It’s correct that the economy in Calgary is booming, but is your occupation in demand? I strongly suggest you check the links below to see if your occupation is in demand in Calgary.

  1. Identify the name of your occupation in Canada and get a detailed labor market information report (containing job duties, skill requirements, wage rates, etc.) for a chosen location in Canada
  2. Labor market information
  3. Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  4. Human Resources & Social Development Canada (HRDC): HRDC offices offer a wide range of books that will help you on your job hunt and free services for: internet connection for 2-hours/day, maximum 20 pages/day of print outs and/or photocopying, faxes and telephone. It's like your personal office! They also provide lectures e.g. how to write CV / resume
  5. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS): They assess educational qualifications from other countries to provincial (e.g. Alberta) educational standards. They ask a fee for their service
  6. Volunteer jobs: It’s important that you invest in the society you live with. Volunteer jobs will make you feel complete when you give without expecting something in return and will help you to integrate with the society. They also will enable you to setup your network and build references in Canada. This link provides you with great information on volunteer jobs based on organization, area of interest or type of organization
  7. Job fairs: Ideal places to meet recruiters and potential employers. You can present yourself on the spot and get the job, if you are qualified. For job fairs, check links under recruiter / job posting websites.
  8. Recruiter / job posting websites
  9. Continued Education: If you want to improve yourself and create new opportunities then you might think of continuing education while working.

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