Immigration to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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by Erkan T. Ickam
At Calgary Airport
  1. Customs: Welcome to Calgary! Pick up your luggage, and follow your PR category link below to understand what documents you must present to customs officer;
  2. Declaration: It’s important that you prepare two copies of below mentioned lists and have them approved by the customs officer, i.e. documents should be stamped by the customs officer. You will keep one copy and customs officer will take the other copy. This document will be valid for one year and during this period you can bring in the items listed in your document.
    • detailed list of all personal or household items you are bringing WITH YOU
    • detailed list of items that are ARRIVING LATER
  3. PR card: It’s important that you keep approved PR paper till you receive the original PR card. You will be using it for identification purposes with your passport. You will receive the original PR card within 30-45 days.

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