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by Erkan T. Ickam

This section focuses on the information that you would require to get an idea about what to expect in Calgary e.g. city, maps, weather, cost of living, driving, library and etc.

  1. General information about city
  2. Calgary maps
  3. Weather forecast: Cold? Who says so? Find out yourself or live & learn :)
  4. Cost of living: This section is prepared for you to have information on certain products / services that you will be purchasing / using in your daily life and to adjust your budget accordingly. Also, links to technology markets, department & household stores are provided for you to decide whether to bring things with you or purchase them here in Calgary.
  5. Canadian dollar:
  6. Driving
  7. Banks: It’s important that you start building credit history early. This will help you in future for leases on cars, houses, etc.
  8. Library: Lots of books, DVDs, music CS’s, videos, newspapers and magazines. You can also have access to internet if you have library card!
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Businesses that my friends started after moving to Calgary
    • Calgary Web Design and Computer Support Company – Begin with B: ideal low-cost partner of individuals, small businesses and non profit organizations for any computer, network or web issues. They provide following services; webdesign (starting as low as CAD 99), Calgary on-site and worldwide remote computer support (starting as low as CAD 35), online data storage, Microsoft Office tool creation & training and computer consulting.

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